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In our classes, we encourage you to listen to your body and to move with all that the day brings. This can mean opting out of the strong poses for a recovery pose or sinking into the strength poses with all that you have.

Yoga is a personal practice and is not about what the person next to you or even the person instructing can do. It is about your body and it's capabilities.

We teach classes at various venues around Palmerston North. Our classes are friendly and bright. Visitors and new students are made to feel welcome.




What can I expect from a Zing yoga class?


Zing has closed her physical doors and is going on the road! We are now an online studio. More information to follow!


More than a yoga studio, Zing offers training on and off the mat to get life on track, your body feeling great, and your motivation, your passion, your zing for life in order.


The Zing style of teaching is Flow Hatha. We also teach retorative yoga and core focussed classes.

While we are a big space, to allow for plenty of social distancing we are maxed at 12 people. 



Payment Options


Concession cards are available in bundles of 5 for $72.50. These are valid for 12 weeks from purchase.


Casual classes cost $16.


Zing Bank Acc: 06 0746 0385058 00


For terms and conditions click here

Please bring your yoga mat with you. Having your own mat is the safest for you and the most environmental. If you need to use ours hireage is $1.

Casual rate includes mat hire.

Concession Cards mean that you can pop between classes as your schedule allows. Your mat isn't guaranteed though so some classes you might find are full. 


Do you offer personal group sessions?


Yes! Group sessions are another option. This could be a group of your friends, work colleagues, etc. 


These classes are great because you can control the class culture. Whether you would like to be quiet and focused or would prefer a class where you can laugh and swear is up to you! Music can be your choice, too. 

You can be yourselves. We discuss your team goals and what yoga can do for all of you. Some clients like to include pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation in these sessions.The group sessions are excellent for team bonding. 


For privates the max number for the studio is 26 mats. We can also come to your location. 

Do you offer personal training?


Yes! Personal training is available at $40 for half an hour and $75 for the hour, 


The lesson is tailored to your personal needs. We discuss your goals and what yoga can do for you. Some clients like to include pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation. 


Mat provided.

Any cancellations or changes to appointment times must be made the day before to avoid being charged.  

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