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My love for yoga began when I first stepped onto a yoga mat and it wasn’t long before teaching felt like the natural progression.  I have since been the proud owner of Zing for over 6 years.  I am passionate about having a space for everyone to practice yoga where it is friendly and inclusive.  At Zing we greet each other by name and we care about each other.


Outside of the Zing timetable I am busy sharing yoga, mindfulness and meditation in as many ways as possible.  I am always thinking of new ways to share.  Collaborations with local groups and businesses have created lasting memories.  If you have an idea, please reach out!


From 2016 until 2021 I taught at Palmerston North Hospital sharing yoga in the Mental Health Ward.  This sparked a passion for helping other community service organisations specializing in mental health and wellness.  For the past 3 years I have been fortunate to practice yoga with the young people associated with Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health (CAFS) and the people of Mana O te Tangata Trust. 

I have experience teaching clients and groups who are visually or hearing impaired. I have also worked with people who are autistic. 


Zing’s teaching extends to the corporate world.  Following the introduction of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 employers have sought for ways to assist the wellness of their employees.  I have developed and held one off seminars on mindfulness and mediation in a business setting. I also teach classes weekly in the workplace to brighten up the day with sessions designed to stretch out the body from desk and computer work.  Zing Yoga sessions have proven to be a great team building experience.


For charity, I've been privileged to work with The Palmerston North City Council in establishing the Pink Ribbon Yoga and High Tea fundraiser.  We held events in 2018 and 2019 with each event drawing in over 100 women.  It warms my heart how many of the community come together each year to support such a good cause. We hope to hold another in 2021. Spoilt Beauty and Zing Yoga also collaborate annually for a smaller scale event to raise money for breast cancer.


I have lots of fun teaching yoga to the local students in schools around Palmerston North.  Teaching yoga in schools is great for encouraging healthy self esteem and body awareness.  These sessions also help educate students on stress management.  The earlier we learn of ways to cope with stress the better. There is lots of laughter and encouragement.  I always look forward to these classes!


In my downtime I enjoy a healthy lifestyle, studying nutrition and travel. I have traveled South East Asia extensively and found it to be a large inspiration in my life.

When I do go travelling I like to sample other yoga classes so that I am constantly learning new techniques, styles and meeting other people who love yoga as much as I do.


Regardless of whether you can touch your toes or just touch your nose, I look forward to sharing yoga with you.

I love my job as                 a yoga teacher!

Hi, I am Chloe Foster,

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