My passion began when I first stepped onto a yoga mat and it wasn’t long before teaching felt like the natural progression. I have done 500 hours of training through Mataji Yoga School. I also attend workshops along the way to continue my learning.


My training covered not only the asana (poses) but also meditation, core-strength classes and the effects of yoga (physical, mental and spiritual). I believe that yoga is for everyone and that you do not have to meet the criteria of a 'stereotypical yogi' to come to my classes. Each student has their own unique strengths and weaknesses. This is what  keeps teaching yoga fresh for me - I get to create sequences that everyone can gain from.


In my downtime I enjoy a healthy lifestyle, studying nutrition and travel. I have travelled South East Asia extensively and found it to be a large inspiration in my life.

When I do go travelling I like to sample other yoga classes so that I am constantly learning new techniques, styles and meeting other people who love yoga as much as I do.


I look forward to sharing yoga with you.

Hi, I am Chloe Foster,

I love my job as                 a yoga teacher!

Hi, I am Chloe Foster,